Women's Ministry

The Ladies of First Assembly of God meet in various small groups throughout the year. These small groups include:
  • Study Groups 
  • Growth Groups 
  • Interest Groups 
  • Compassion Groups 
  • Fellowship Groups 
  • Prayer Groups

Men's Ministry

The Men of First Assembly of God gather together for service and fellowship throughout the year. They also volunteer to help maintain the church facilities.

Outreach Teams

We strongly believe that God has not called us to be good people who come to church once a week  but to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ by meeting the tangible and spiritual needs of the person.  Each ministry at First Assembly of God strives to incorporate outreach into its yearly itinerary.  As a church, we partner with local non-profits both financially and physically to serve the needs of our communities.

Worship Teams

Adults with musical gifts and talents are encouraged to be a part of our Sunday morning  worship teams, special music, or adult choirs for Christmas or Easter.  This ministry also provides music for special events and practices weekly